Wednesday, Jan 5

Preface: I’m probably exhausted so while this may seem coherent to me, it will undoubtedly be riddled with confusing structures, grammatical errors, and general un-fluency of my native tongue.

Well last night I finally landed in HK (51 hours from home door to hostel door). They didn’t lose my luggage and I just took a taxi here (Ok ok). Then I unpacked my stuff and went to bed. I woke up at around 2:30 am (1230 pm central) and sort of half-slept for the next 4 hours. Hopefully the jet-lag wears off by tomorrow.

So not much has happened, aside from arriving in HK. I’m so tired I can’t think, and I should probably go shower since I reek like anxiousness and airplanes.

This is my area

P. S. I’m glad I lived in FAR so long; I’m used to tiny rooms. This room might actually be bigger…
P. P. S. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to make the pictures not so large.
P. P. P. S. So I just went out walking for a bit and collected my student card and stuff. I’m sure I’ll be wondering this more often later, but I’m questioning why I went to school on a flatland and why not by the ocean. What was I thinking?

8 thoughts on “Wednesday, Jan 5

  1. I’m so glad they didn’t loose your luggage, also known as my big suitcase…lol And I remember why you decided to go there, because of the humidity!! Duh! I’m so glad you made it and are getting settled in. Love ya!!

  2. Caleb, I am so glad you arrived safe and sound. Your room looks very different than your rooms at FAR. I think this new space is bigger than your room at home. Do you have a roommate? Sleep my wonderful Son. Remember to get that to-go phone and call your Mama and your Dad.

  3. Yes what were you thinking, but I tried to get you to go out to the desert…. So okay let’s figure out the communication thing. The jet lag only lasts briefly that direction, it’s wicked bad coming back this way. In fact I still have it. How long do you stay in the hostel? When do you go to campus? and how far is campus from downtown?
    Love, Dad

  4. Caleb, so glad you made it safely! You are a wonderful writer and we enjoy going along on this trip with you! Great idea with the blog, we appreciate it! Love you!

  5. Ironic, last night’s Top Chef was them making dim sum, the guest chef was from HK, the dim sum capital of the world… Lucky you!

  6. Caleb…the location thing is exactly what I have been trying to stress to Emma. When we were in Mexico I pointed out why live and work in an ugly, inhospitable environment when you can be somewhere warm and green.

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