Stairmaster 3000

Here are some pictures from my route that I take from the university train station (bottom of campus) to my hostel (top of campus). I will add more later, probably. It was a little cloudy/smoggy today, so some of the long-distance shots will have to wait.

The "beginning", more or less

Continuing on…we come to a nice bridge over a nice waterfall.

After I narrowly escape the troll who’s hiding under the bridge…I start my upward journey into the intellectual stratosphere (as T Clark would say).

First steps. No big.

"You will shortly be rewarded for all your hard work"


At the end of stairway one, I am rewarded with this pretty gate. I feel like I’m in Mulan, except on the other side awaits, not a beautiful, intelligent, independent AND strong woman…but rather, more stairs. Bummer.

Not a duplicate

Looking back

At this point, it’s been quite a hike. I normally take stairs two at a time (thanks to longer legs), and I’m a registered stairmaster, but even this is a little much for me. But wait, there’s more!
After an additional ~75 steps, we get to a plane, as seen on the picture to the right.

And so it’s been roughly 375 steps so far. Quite a flight. Unfortunately, my hostel is on the same hill the water tower is on. So I have to continue climbing. Gaspity gasp gasp.

After much stair climbing, it’s approximately 675 steps all total. Granted, I normally take them two at a time, but it is still 675 risers that I pass. My world record was about 1000 when I visited the Eiffel Tour and Monmartre in the same day, but seeing as how I made this voyage twice on Thursday, I now have surpassed it. I think with this many steps at my disposal I will try to set a new personal record of 5000 steps in a single day. Crazy? Better than boring.

Always a good sign

Finally, I reach the top and I read United College which means I’m home (I still have to climb the stairs in the hostel haha).

Ok. Enough about masochism and stairs and stuff. Today I went with many exchange students on a Hong Kong City tour. Also, last night was the welcoming dinner. I will post on both of these soon, but for now it is sleepy time ok.

6 thoughts on “Stairmaster 3000

  1. Wait, I’m confused. Do you shave to climb all those steps every day to get to the college? I’d be dead. I didn’t see AED’s placed strategically along the path. As far as the personal best record goes I think you can probably set a guiness world record ( I don’t really know the name or how to spell it). The pictures are beautiful. I know what you mean about pics not doing justice so with the pictures looking so good I can only imagine how beautiful it must be. I know your Mother and I would just want to walk around enjoying the gardens. Now that I say that I remember going to Shaw’s Garden sometime in the early 60’s with your Great-grandmother Alma Floyd. I thought it was wierd that she just wanted to walk around looking at the foliage but now I get it. Now I can’t figure out how to go back to check my spelling and grammar. Darn!

  2. I meant have not shave. I don’t know how that s got in there. I don’t really care if you shave or not before you climb the stairs. Unless you start shaving your legs.

  3. Caleb, the posts and pictures are great! It does look like you are in a botanical garden setting, lots of exercise, man, Bill and I should come over, I’m sure we could loose 10 pounds each in a week climbing those stairs! It made me tired just reading about it! What an adventure you are having! Hope your city tour was fun and you make lots of friends over there to keep for a lifetime!

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