Compilation II

Sunday: Not much doing since yesterday. I went to church downtown this morning, before that I had some delicious congee. Today I think I will take a break from studying to point out some more differences that I’ve noticed. I would like to preface that some of these are just superficial observations.

There are more groups of people walking around. I’m not sure if I’m recalling UIUC accurately, but it seems like there weren’t that many groups of people walking around. I do recall lots of people walking and talking, but there seemed to be a fair ratio of groups to individuals. However, I don’t see that many individuals walking here. I mostly notice groups of people.
There are more couples walking around. Again, I’m not sure if I’m recalling UIUC accurately, but it seems like there weren’t that many couples walking around at UIUC. Or if the two were dating, they didn’t really show it [provided that they were sober]. If I go for a stroll here (in order to warm my body temperature so that I stop shivering [at night, by the way, which is something the crime lords in Champaign have scared me from doing. It’s refreshing to stroll at night!]), I’ll definitely see at least 2 couples holding hands, if not more, depending on the time I go for a walkabout. I see couples everyday. Errday. I don’t really seem to have similar memories at UIUC. Oh well.
People are more family oriented. This isn’t too shocking if you’re familiar with Chinese culture. Local students frequently go home on the weekends. Yeah I don’t really know if this is a difference worth pointing out because as I type this, I can’t think of concrete examples other than the mass exodus by the students every weekend, nor do I think this is a difference big enough to merit a comment. People are family oriented in America, but…differently. Non lo so.

Monday: I haven’t had class yet and I haven’t really done anything. Chinese New Year is approaching, and that is quite exciting. I did laundry yesterday and it was quite an experience. The actual process is pretty much the same, the washing machine was a little smaller, but aside from that it’s just like doing laundry~. Anyway, I decided to skip the drying machine since the laundry room is on the roof and they have hanging lines for drying clothes. What I mean by “quite an experience” is that I realized that it was January 23 and I was in shorts and a T-shirt. It was such an unparalleled epiphany. I was very happy at that moment. Warm weather brings me such a peace and relaxed temperament. Also, not spending money/electricity on a drying machine and instead using hanging lines brings me a good deal of peace. My clothes smell so much better after a line drying.

Adesso, I think I will include a few more observations that I have noted:
People walk in different patterns. What I mean by that is that a lot of people won’t walk in a straight line. It makes me very annoyed (perhaps I have a little bit more German heritage than I had thought??) because it’s more difficult to pass them. Often I will side step them by strolling in the street for a few strides. Also, it’s difficult to pass oncoming people when they are in groups because they wait until the very last possible moment before moving over. And, as it turns out, it is statistically and scientifically proven that you pass people more often when there is an obstruction (such as a light post) that takes up space. Proven by me.
Girls like to wear tights/leggings. I would even be so bold as to say that they are more popular with girls here than in America. But there is a huge difference in that the girls here still wear shorts and skirts over them. UIUC No Pants wouldn’t have much content here.

There aren’t any more differences that I can think of so I will disclose more info about me:
I eat slowly. My record for a full-plate meal is 2 hours. That isn’t too typical, but I routinely take at least 30 minutes or more to eat (but it can vary and it also depends on how hungry I am). I also really (no, REALLY) enjoy how the canteens are open continuously during the day and into the evening. This seems to put less of a rush on me to eat quickly. I can eat at my own tempo without worrying about getting kicked out. I’ve also found that I eat less food when I have to rush it.

Speaking of food, enjoy this picture:

It was a curry rice dish with assorted seafood. It was rubbish, save for the 5 pieces of dried abalone (which tasted like concentrated ocean). Speaking of food, I’ve decided that some things (egg tarts, sticky rice, congee, noodles) need their own entry dedicated to them. They’re too good to be given the shaft, and I believe in dignity. However, that doesn’t really leave enough material for much of a separate post now (I haven’t been eating in restaurants much since I don’t have my monies in my bank yet, and I haven’t been taking photos of canteen food). So there will be food porn later, but for now, just be assured that I am eating. It will take time to collect photos of stuffs, though.

Okai, that’s all for now. Ciao, ragazzi!
P.S. Purtroppo, ho dimenticato molta della mia italiana. Va bene.

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