Into the Fray

Where does this title come from? The phrase seems to be a memory from somewhere, but I can’t put my finger on where exactly. A chapter title, or perhaps a song? No matter.

I consider myself very blessed to have been given the genetics wot allowed me to join the 6’+ club. Riding the MTR, crowd weaving, reaching items on the top shelf. Such things are considerably easier when one is taller than the average human.

Today is friday. Friday is derived from Latin for “the day in which one tirelessly explores.” But of course you already knew that. I visited the Tai Po area, which is another community in the new territories. 3 egg tarts and 4 siu mai later, I determined that it was a good morning. When I was scoping out a bakery, I happen to overhear a small group of americans and an elderly gent, who I’m assuming is an uncle or whatnot. He was introducing them to egg tarts. I wish I had a local uncle who could introduce me to egg tarts.
The smell of cigarettes, pollution, restaurants, incense. The sound of never-ending noise from a never-ending flow of vehicles and from the chatter of the millions of people I pass. The vision of lights that illuminate everything. The taste of back-alley vendor duck meat. The feeling of homelessness/wanting to be a local despite the knowledge of how far away from that point I actually am. The enjoyment of friends and wot life is. Friday night.
Tomorrow: gratuitous mega pic post.

2 thoughts on “Into the Fray

  1. Caleb, I know for certain now you’ve fallen in love with egg tarts :0) I think you are going to have to learn how to make these so when you come home you can continue to have them!

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