Title? Eh…

I’ve become increasingly overwhelmed by all the stuff one can buy here. Electronics, cars, food of all kinds, pots and pans, nick-knacks, shoes, beaucoups (boo koos) of clothes ranging from haute couture to used and everything in between; anything and everything you could ever want. There is so much shopping to be had, but do I really need it? I can’t really justify any of these purchases I’ve considered making for myself. Buying gifts for other people is all fine and dandy, but I can’t help but to think that buying things for myself is nothing but selfish. I get so pissed that millionaires don’t spread the wealth, yet here I am considering buying things and doing exactly what they’re doing: spending money selfishly…Hong Kong is very fashionable and trendy, so it’s a little difficult to ignore the fashionable people since they’re everywhere. It’s a little difficult to overlook the malls and stores. It’s a little difficult to avoid finding myself tempted into buying stuff (especially since I can spend a lot of money and still wind up with more money in the bank than when I left america [I mean we’re talking tens of hundreds of dollars, you dig?]).
I’ve become desensitized to people calling me weird, so shouldn’t I take it a step further by becoming a radical? Do I have to succumb to society, or is it possible to live in a materialistic world and still stand strong in my beliefs?

The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow – Jim Hightower

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society – Mark Twain

Hopefully over the next few weeks I can stave off any temptations to buy threadz for myself. Perhaps I should reread On the Road or any number of Beat authors or Mark 10:21 or Mark 12:43-44…

Lunar New Year is on Thursday. Starting tomorrow, I don’t have class until next Wednesday. During this time I will do some stuff, and that’s exciting. Temples, flower markets, parades, fireworks, horse races, floats, etc. et. al.

P.S. Today is Feb 1. January was a good month, and I went through a lot.
P.P.S I walked by an optical shop and checked out their prices for Rayban Wayfarers. 4500 HKD = 577.5 USD. I’m pretty sure even the most expensive Raybans only cost ~200-250 USD in amurica. Ok that’s all.

2 thoughts on “Title? Eh…

  1. I believe many people with lots of money do spread their wealth. Keep in mind too that the lady you see walking down the street carrying the Louis Vuitton bag and wearing the fur could very well be wearing fake fur and carrying a knock off bag just to look nice. I”m sure you can easily find lots of knock offs in Hong Kong…people with money are everywhere, just as people without are everywhere, it’s just that rich always stands out. If you are one who God has blessed with wealth then you have a responsibility, I believe, and if you fail in that responsibility that is really unfortunate for you and there are always consequences, at some point in life. It’s nice and OK to have nice things but when they start to take over our lives then that’s wrong. If you can have a healthy perspective on material possessions, then having some things that make your life comfy is fabulous but they don’t bring true happiness. At least you are aware of this Caleb so when you see something you would like to have and you have a bit of cash to get it, you shouldn’t feel bad as long as you keep your perspectives straight! Enjoy and have fun these next few days off exploring!

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