Hello all:

I’ve just created two flikr accounts, which is probably the cheapest and quickest way of letting you all see many of my photos (with a few exceptions..I’ll withhold pictures of food because I’m like that..anticipation…whatnot). So, here are my first two addresses:

Me flikr page<— Link 1
Me flikr page 2<—Link 2

Since I can only show the 200 most recent photos, I'll just keep creating accounts like a boss.
When I visited the peak on sunday I discovered a hiking trail, but I didn't go down it since apparently it was 50 km long? I went back this morning and hiked a little bit of it. I probably walked the first 1/3 of it. My photos from it are all on the second flikr link above. I picked an absolutely brilliant day for it, too (sunny, 60°, not too humid).

P.S. As I write this there is a rustling sound outside of my window. Upon further investigation, it is not a monkey, which I had hoped for, but rather, a porcupine, which is my very first sighting of one. I wouldn't want to mess with him, judging by the foot-long spikes… But at least I don't have to close my windows! (I don't think they climb as well as monkeys.)


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