Selected Photos

So that’s good.

Now for some photos! I just made a new flikr account, which can be found if you click here, and here, and in case you missed it, here and here are the other two accounts. I’ve started shooting from the hip and stopped deleting superfluous photos, so you can probably expect an inundation of similar photos. Va bene, le photo:

Right bird: "Hey, any news from the outside?" Left bird: "North Africa is insane right now! Coconut prices are outrageous!"

The wooded, caged-in area is, and the birds are in, the aviary, which is in the Hong Kong Park. Free admission! (They don’t charge if you get bird flu, either.)

P.S. If you want to see bigger versions of the photos (the real size), just click the photos. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Selected Photos

  1. You’re photographik skills are advancing admirably…. spot color, composition, timing, thirds, juxtaposition, vaninishing perspective, contrast, s-curve…. good job!

  2. Las imágenes son muy buenas.

    I like shooting from the hip. It’s the best for crowded public spaces.

    Experiment: Set EV (Exposure Compensation) to -0.3 or -0.7, and or Color Option to vivid. I like doing this to help “pop” the colors.

    Experiment: For high traffic daylight exteriors and well lit interiors use the 5 second rule, if your camera will let you. Shutter open for 5 seconds, adjust exposure with aperture,Iso,EV and or very dark sunglasses. A small tripod is handy to have for timed exposures, and it will also allow you to elevate your camera above the crowd and lower it to street and curb level without being too conspicuous.

    Enjoying your photographs.
    Be safe.

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