Compilation IV

30, March
Today I went to a few temples and such. It was cool. Nice weather. I took too many photos. All in all, it was pretty swell. I started off by going to a garden which connects to a “nunnery” or a buddhist temple. The garden was built in the Tang Dynasty style and is well manicured. There was some tranquil traditional Chinese music playing from speakers throughout the garden, which really epitomized and compounded the tranquility that I felt in the garden (i.e., no traffic sounds, people speaking softly). It’s somewhat difficult to escape the city sounds when one is in the city, but the garden did a pretty good job of it. Then I went to the temple, which was pretty cool. While not flashy or extremely ornate, it was really well maintained (and rather large).
After, I took off in a random direction, then found myself at the Wong Tai Sin temple, which I visited during Chinese new year. This time, however, there wasn’t an hour long queue to get in. This temple has some fantastic architecture and crazy amounts of incense being burned. I didn’t bring my camera the first time, so all I really did was just take photos and walk around again. I do believe that it is taoist. i think. Maybe. I don’t know. It was pretty crowded, but definitely not nearly as crowded as ~2 months ago.

Maybe I can discuss some observations?:
People use chopsticks – haha. Just kidding. But seriously though, it’s not uncommon to see people eating with forks instead (mainly with people my age, though)
Old men (and women, but mostly men) sometimes walk with their hands behind their backs
People sometimes cover their mouths when they’re talking on their cellphones
People sometimes pinch their noses when they’re walking through a cloud of exhaust or construction dust

Or maybe some facts about myself?:
I miss olive oil (I’ve not had any since december)
I like rain (it’s been pretty rain-free so far)
Since coming here I’ve discovered that I love soup, but in particular, noodle soup. I thought I loved it before, but I see now that I was blind to just how much I love soup. This is slightly ironic because I don’t like drinking liquids, and, well, soup is mostly liquid. Wonton noodle soup, rice noodle soup, ramen noodle soup, rice and soup, glass noodle soup, wheat-noodle soup, noodle soup with dumplings or lobster/fish balls, soup with vegetables and garlic, yeah

31, March
Today is beautiful (今天很美?). Sun, (relatively) less smog, 21°C.
Oggi è bello. Sole, (relativamente) meno smog, 21°C. È perfetto!

1, April
Today I went hiking. While it was rather smoggy, it was still a good day. I went up several peaks, including Ma On Shan and Lion Rock (馬鞍山和獅子山). They are 702 m and 495 m in height, respectively. I am going to miss the mountains terribly when I return home.

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P.S. Here are the addresses of my photo albums. More to come later:

Album 1:
Album 2:
Album 3:
Album 4:
Album 5:

One thought on “Compilation IV

  1. Caleb, these photos are fantastic, I love the contrast pics of the one garden with the cityscape behind it, you are really becoming quite excellent with your photos! I think you should also be sure and take that one little guy with you now wherever you go in the world from now on and have a picture with him in it, sort of your trademark, I think when you get old, it will give you some laughs! Keep track of where you go so you can put your own book together someday, you’ll be glad you did. Your time is swiftly going by…enjoy being there and making new friends….thanks for “taking us along on this trip with you”! Stay Safe, Love, Aunt Sherie

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