I Had a Dream

Normally I don’t remember my dreams, but lately I’ve been able to recall them. I write them down as soon as I wake up. Here are a few, in as much detail as I remember. Also, if I refer to “we” it means myself and whoever else was with me in the dream. They’re usually not important.

I had a dream in which I was driving in a car. I was going through a long circular driveway. There were a bunch of women standing around in the driveway and I had to avoid them. They were harassing me, I don’t remember much else. I was like, whatever, man.

I had a dream in which we were in the car in the woods, except for my nephew who was standing outside in a small clearing. Suddenly there were two bears, and my mom went out to get my nephew. Instead of coming back to car with a 6 year-old (who the bears clearly wanted to eat) like any normal person, she went up to the bears and I yelled. I remember her holding up my nephew and letting him kick the bears. Who does that? Moms in a dream, that’s who.

I had a dream that I had a tattoo of some cartoonish characters on the inner elbow of my left arm. Then I also showed up late to my meeting with my air force recruiter. Then I got kicked out of the air force for being a tatted-up truant and had to start the process over again with the navy. I was disappointed.

Another dream I had was during a half-awake state, and there was a bat-like creature fluttering to and fro, getting closer with every flight. Eventually I had an arm spasm and tried to swat him away (in real life). He wasn’t there. I was fully awake after I swatted at nothing.

I was following my dad around, we were walking around a small town. We stopped and sat down in some desks (high school style) in a musty basketball gym. I proceeded to pick cabbage and lettuce from underneath my nails. Why? I don’t know, but there was a lot of cabbage. Also one of my nails was really long width-wise, growing from the sides rather than the tip.

Another dream I had involved me and somebody else being strapped to an inflatable life raft (the kind that can hold 20 people) and we were upside down, being held to an enormous hovering ship by mesh. It was basically not for thrill seekers but to demonstrate the strength of the point on the ship where the mesh attached. I don’t know why I dreamed that but I do remember noting that in the dream. Then the instructor joined us on her own rope and suddenly we were parachuting down into a forest. I dropped my flip flop, but luckily we had time to stop at the canopy (which was like thick shrubbery, not a tree top) and collect my shoe.

I had a dream that I parked my car, got out, and started walking down a side street. Two French guys were walking down it at the same time, just behind me. After a bit I noticed they weren’t talking anymore, so I turned my head to the side and saw one of them reaching into my jacket pocket. I caught his hand but he still managed to wrest away my phone (I never have strength or speed in my dreams). Then he threw the phone as far as he could. At this point I went into fight-then-flight mode (where I assume I was going to punch him before sprinting off) which caused me to wake up.

I had a dream where we were coming back from something and we stopped by a store. We left, then we were waiting to turn onto the road from the parking lot and there was a green minivan that had its rear end clipped by another car. It suddenly went berserk and smashed its way up the quarter mile of traffic, clearing a path and leaving a trail of destruction. I watched it go up the hill smashing through traffic and people were jumping around as if it were a silent film, sped up to be humorous. Then a girl I recognized from school ran up to the car behind me and said something. She was crying rather hysterically, though I was still laughing at the silent film-like antics of the people involved in the carnage.

I had a dream that I was in the army, the training part is now a blurry memory but I recall dreaming it. I wasn’t quite through with training when we got shipped somewhere. We parachuted in, and as I hadn’t gone through jump school yet I remember thinking when I was folding up my chute, “I have no idea what I’m doing”. Then we marched for a bit before seeing the two officers-in-charge, and they seemed pretty worried, as if we were vastly under prepared, undermanned, etc., but it doesn’t matter because that’s when I woke up.

I had a dream that I was given the first 8 episodes of Doctor Who (I’m guessing based on that in-dream feel it was the Matt Smith edition) and then I was excited, as if the first eight were magically unobtainable (which they’re not), or that I’d never seen them before (which I have).

I had a dream, and I don’t recall anything except someone saying, “hey, that guy’s going!” which caused me to laugh hysterically in the dream. This, in turn, caused me to wake up laughing in real life, which I have never experienced before. It was a good feeling.

I had a dream that I was driving back from wherever on the highway, and the world’s worst driver was in front of me (while the world’s second worst was behind me, based on that feel, even though he never bothered me). He was bad (e.g., braking way too late and locking up his brakes while sliding through the intersection and then reversing through it again to back up the the stop line. On the highway he swerved a lot, but that’s all I can remember. This transformed into me driving while having to remotely drive another full sized car simultaneously. It was rough. This transformed into me RCing a robot (a la Short Circuit), which transformed into me going into a store with the robot. It was so difficult to try and steer him that he ran into things all the time. He knocked a shoe rack over, and that’s when the manager descended from his elevated control room in the back. This caused me to panic, so I picked up some shoes and ran out the door. As soon as I did that I knew I’d made a terrible mistake but I kept going anyway. Based on that in-dream feel I knew the manager had called the cops. This caused me to go into fight-or-flight mode and it woke me up. My heart was racing, but I’m not sure if my actual heart was racing or if it was my dream heart that was racing (it certainly felt real). Anyway, this last one was borderline prophetic as I was driving a day or two later (in real life) and I passed a cop while driving 65 in a 55. Tickets while the the waiting program for the air force are not a killer, per se, but they’re not too good either. Obviously I don’t want to lose the chance to join the air force. I was close enough to the road that I needed to turn on that I started to speed up, hopeful that if I could make it to that road I could lose him. I say it was borderline prophetic in that I had a dream that I was running away from the police, and I had an earlier dream that I was kicked out of the air force. But the cop didn’t give a shit and never turned around so my dreams are just dreams.