Weather of a Killing Kind

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Today’s weather was magnificent. Some sun, some clouds, 55F. Not bad. I think that we, as humans, are ever striving to control that which is dangerous. We build houses to shelter ourselves. We build zoos to distance ourselves. We build vaccines to heal ourselves. It’s only a matter of time before we try and control the weather. Luckily that probably won’t happen in my lifetime, so I’ve all the time in my life to enjoy the weather.

I realized the other night, when the power was out in our area and I had a rare chance to see the stars (or what I could) that weren’t pushed back into invisibility by our neighbor’s all-night-long deck spot lights, that I enjoy seeing stars. And I rarely get to gaze because no matter where I’m at there are streetlights or some other light source that blacks out most of the stars. Even when the power was out, the Milky Way was just a hint of what it was. I could just see where it was, but not all of it. Forget about the second stripe of the Milky Way.

It made me realize that while I like to stargaze, I rarely think about the stars. Loads of people rarely think about stars. Most people don’t even care about the stars. It’s really humbling to look up and know that we’re less than a drop of water in the Pacific Ocean compared to the universe (much less!). But we do it too infrequently. I have to drive miles and miles out of the way just to get a good look at stars. I have to drive even farther and camp out in rural-ass Idaho if I want to see them gloriously. That’s too impractical to do every night, and inconvenient to do once a year. And apparently it’s not going to get better, according to an Italian light pollution indexer.

“And now something profound that makes you want to go out and be an activist for the stars.” Honestly, though, the stars are so far down on the list of things that need “fixed” that they’ll soon be forgotten and the whole “space” thing won’t be an inspiration to anyone. The only reason weather is still around is that it isn’t easily pushed away by progression.

I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. I’m not going to proofread because F*** the police.

And on that note, enjoy this totally lovely and irrelevant music video:

Tallest Man on Earth