Top X Lists Revisited

Two years ago to the day, I published a list because I was bored. Here I am again, bored and finding myself curiously drawn to making lists of things. Perhaps the winter makes me want to stay inside and think about all the things I like and how awesome they are and how awesome I am for enjoying them. Perhaps two years from now I’ll update it again to see how things have changed.

Favorite films:

  1. Pulp Fiction
  2. Chinatown
  3. The Big Lebowski
  4. Inception
  5. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  6. The Dark Knight
  7. Oldboy
  8. No Country for Old Men
  9. Chungking Express
  10. (500) Days of Summer
  11. The Searchers
  12. Probation: Amelie, Silver Linings Playbook

It’s interesting to note that at the time two years ago, I was certain that 2001 would remain my favorite. And it was, until about October 2012, when it started to lose its reign. It has been usurped. Also, Amelie and Silver Linings Playbook are superb, but since I only recently saw them they need to go through a probationary period; I loved them both, but will they hold up over time? We’ll see. The other 11 have held their weight.

Favorite books:

  1. 1Q84
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. The Sun Also Rises
  4. The Great Gatsby
  5. The Great Hunt
  6. Dune

Favorite TV shows:

  1. Arrested Development
  2. Top Chef
  3. Iron Chef Japan

Favorite music:

  1. The Walkmen
  2. Lee Fields
  3. Sufjan Stevens
  4. The National
  5. Vampire Weekend
  6. Bob Dylan
  7. Tom Waits
  8. Cat Power
  9. Grizzly Bear
  10. Joao Gilberto
  11. John Coltrane
  12. Animal Collective
  13. Fiona Apple
  14. Heartless Bastards
  15. Chick Corea

My taste in music changes a lot. Here are the artists/bands whom I dig at the present. This list will be different three months from now, to say nothing of two years post-now. This is more reflective of artists I’m aware of; do I like both West African and Balkan traditional dance musics? YES. Do I know any of those artists by name? NO.

Favorite foods:

  1. extra virgin olive oil
  2. pumpkin bisque
  3. fish (esp. salmon)
  4. sweet potato
  5. sauce
  6. tomatoes
  7. garlic
  8. bread
  9. mushrooms

Favorite languages to hear:

  1. Korean
  2. Cantonese
  3. Brazilian Portuguese
  4. French


  • swimming
  • warm weather
  • foggy weather
  • drizzly dreary weather
  • any weather above 40F
  • lists
  • minimalism
  • fantastic beards
  • lunch
  • references (i.e., allusions, not citations)
  • space
  • vegan atheist gay liberal jewish new yorker socialists who’re pro-choice
  • self-acceptance

And now for my current favorite song from my current favorite band:

The Walkmen – Heaven

Extra: 15/15 on the music list have a two-word name.


The Original Top x list