A Collection of Short Thoughts

I miss my beard.

The beach is pretty nice. I like the ocean.

Life is cyclical.

The three words in one of my dictionaries for brown sugar are: 红糖 (literally: red sweets),黑糖 (black sweets),and 黄糖 (yellow sweets).

Getting enough sleep* can be the difference between “I hate mondays and I hate this place and I want to go back to bed and I hate you all and I hate this place” and “I’m just a little tired.”

I hate it when asterisks don’t have corresponding explanations.

With the weather here being the same (almost identical patterns and temperatures day to day) it’s hard to demarcate the passage of time. Add to that the busyness that makes time seem to pass faster and the result is that I still feel like it’s late May.

It rained today (Sep 29). Even though it only lasted 5 minutes, it was beautiful.

Having bad shit in life makes the good stuff better by comparison.

我觉得还不会说汉语。我的语法太简单了,我的句子总是太短了。虽然我感到我的汉语需要进步,需要练习,可是几星期前,我在中国饭馆用中文点了菜。Nothing else matters. 可以说:什么别的事都不重要?

I had a test the other day, and it was so difficult that I went through all the 5 Kubler-Ross stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) in a 50 minute period.

I’ve been writing this for about 3 months.

And now for some words that have at one point during the drafting of this been stuck in my head:









2 thoughts on “A Collection of Short Thoughts

  1. Good to hear from you, Caleb. Your Chinese is improving and your sentence patterns are getting more complex. Sending you my warm wishes from afar! :]

  2. Hey brother. Just a quick note to remind you that I love you so freaking much and I’m beyond proud of you. Keep your head up, you are one of the strongest people I know. Call if you need anything!! XOXO

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