The little things

There is not much of a change in seasons here, as compared to most other places in the country. In terms of weather patterns, autumn seems to be much the same as summer seems to be much the same as spring, which for most people seems to be a little depressing since fall is the apparent favorite season, and if there isn’t a sharp drop in temperature and falling of leaves and hot cider to be had, people might feel homesick for whatever part of the country they came from.

But what I noticed one recent Sunday evening when I was walking about in a residential neighbourhood was that there was a pervasive smell of fragrant things being burned, for the most part it seemed to be wood (good smelling wood at that, too), and occasionally I got whiffs of incense and once I think it might have been a scented candle, though since I was outside that seemed to be a little weird. Anyway I often go walking in these neighborhoods and I had never noticed any woodburning smell any time in the summer (and I didn’t walk much before summer). The temperature is almost identical to the summer, maybe it’s foggier more often now but really it’s all just the same thing. But people still were burning woods in their cozy half-million dollar homes.

I appreciated being able to smell the fires, and I think that appreciation was intensified by the fact that if I so much as strike a match in my room and they found out I’d get a ruler to the knuckles and a disapproving glare because I am a 12 year old in a Catholic boarding school.

I’ve found that not being able to live the way I want to live has made me think of the ways that I want to live. I’ve already started thinking of things I want to have in my apartment/house and the way I want it to be set up. But the real question: when I’m finally allowed to live on my own, will I appreciate it? And how long will that appreciation last?