Been a while since I’ve written on this site. Nearly 3 years. 2014 feels like ages ago. Since then there’s been so much that’s gone on. When you’re a kid, 3 years feels like ages. I’ve heard time compresses as you get older. 3 years. Feels like a different life. Why isn’t it compressing for me? I’m already starting to non-ironically say stuff akin to Get Off My Lawn.

Reading back through this has been a trip down memory lane. A trip down someone else’s memory lane. 3 years. Well, more like 2.5 at this point. I pretty much stopped journaling, reflecting, thinking, pondering, pontificating, etc. Not a whole of time or energy for that these days. Actually there’s plenty of time, but I’ve mis-managed it worse than we manage our environment. It’s mostly the energy. Most days I’m so exhausted I just come home and crash. Time is irrelevant without the energy.

Hopefully I’ll be able to compare all the pos/neg of this place and the next. This place is pretty miserable with respect to many different aspects, I’m just itching to leave it and be done with it forever. I will be paying very close attention to my mood, energy, outlook, and activity for the next few months to see if it changes at all. I can’t keep living like this. Me 3 years ago feels so foreign to me now, it’s like watching a reflection of yourself on a rippled pond. I liked myself more back then, despite having grown up and made a lot of improvements.

Anyway, I started this as a way of keeping in contact with extended family during my study abroad (way back when I was a completely different person in 2011). Now that I’m taking a job offer in Japan, it seems like a good time to throw a log back on the fire.