Humor me this

We all go through changes of varying speed and intensity. The you in the morning might be different from the you at 3 pm. The you in 2009 is probably even more different than the you of 3 pm today. I didn’t really foresee this change, but over the past few years my sense of humor has gone from dry to dryer, and from middle-of-the-road to pretty cynical. I make fun of everything. And I believe everything should be made fun of, with nothing granted immunity. Well, maybe if it’s not racist/homophobic/whatever else. I blame my co-workers for having a similar sense of humor, but also the job we’re in doesn’t really allow you to have soft skin. If you get easily offended, chances are you’ll go day-to-day being offended. It’s easy to get like this.

With making fun of everything, though, you have to be able to make fun of yourself, and that’s probably even more important. Lots of “my people” take themselves very seriously when it comes to work, but are at the same time open for taking jabs. Once you’re in it you know where to draw the line (or at least most people seem to find it), but there is a line with two sides. And for those people who make fun of you seem to respond more positively to you when you go along with it, sarcastically and “in” on the joke, so to speak. A very over-simplified version would be:

Person A: You suck!

B: I know!

A & B together: HahahahAhaha

The me in the past would have seen this type of humor as being submissive, to let the other person smash you and look down on you. I think I took life too seriously. As long as you respond as person B with confidence, defiance, sarcasm, acceptance, humor…then both combatants are eye level. Hopefully person A can handle being made fun of and later won’t get pissy when you make fun of them.