42 Hours and Buckets of Rain

From the time I left my apartment to when I landed here, it took me 42 hours.

Two to drive to the airport, and with those associated wait times, landing in Seattle some time later that afternoon. With a 2 30 AM check-in, there was no point in getting a hotel, so I just “napped” in the USO, the kind where you’re sitting up but then your head nods and you wake yourself up. The kind of napping where you don’t realize there’s a passage of time but somehow when you head snap there’s just a little bit of drool on your chin. Check-in was 6 hours before take off. Why? This is the military, nothing makes sense. The flights were smooth all around, and the first flight only took about 10 hours. But that was the first of three, and it and the second stop both had delays for fuel/unloading/etc. All told it was 42 hours. During the flight it was more of the same “napping,” head nods into wormholes where those 5 minutes don’t exist. Normally, you’re basically unconscious when you sleep, but you wake up some time later and realize that you’ve slept. Not so with the head snap nap. It isn’t quality and it isn’t restorative and you can hardly qualify it as sleep at all. 42 hours later, and I only have fragments of the next two hours before my head hit my pillow. At least I didn’t have to travel far from the airport to get home.

The weather here is so humid that papers, if exposed to the air, will become soggy within minutes. I had gotten used to wearing pants and boots, I had almost nearly forsaken shorts. In a dry environment sweat is no factor. Here I can feel my thighs rub together when I walk. I’m aware of my skin. All the little things about arid or semi-arid climates I took for granted. My running hat isn’t effective enough for the buckets of sweat I make now, and I’ve had to go back to using my Andre the Agassi sweatband. I might need to bring a change of socks and shoes during long runs unless I want trenchfoot. Not much to get allergic to in the desert! Forgot to wear deodorant? No problem, just don’t get into the sun and you won’t even sweat. I got a jug of water from a store, and when I left the cool AC into the open air the jug – which had been sitting on the shelf, not even in the cooler – immediately started to get condensation on it. Mold is a thing again, so much for that. Maybe all of this is from going 0-60 on the relative humidity scale.

At the end of the first week, it’s nice to have greenery everywhere, with lots of birds and lots of bugs that all make lots of noises, and I think that rust is better than dealing with dust. But I do miss the comfort of the desert.

I don’t know how much it’s rained here in the past few days. I haven’t found a source of data yet, but I do know it’s been more than 1/2 inch, I can tell you that much! Finally, a rainy day. Yesterday it got so windy it knocked a trash can over – pretty exciting. It wasn’t raining during my run this morning, which is the best time for it to rain since I get back completely soaked anyway, but otherwise it’s been raining all day.