Photos [Bakeries]

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To celebrate 1000 photos on my camera [although this happened a while ago now], I’ll share some photos of some bakery items.


P.S. This may seem like a non-issue, but I’ve observed many people eating bakery items out of the bag (see below for demonstration)…for some reason I remember thinking how unusual it was when I first noticed it in January, but now I can’t remember if Americans take it out of the bag…it just seems silly to eat with your exposed hands; you’ll get them sticky or floury. Anyway, the huge gap in my memory of whether or not I’ve seen Americans eating in this fashion is very confusing to me and makes me wonder if, assuming there is actually a difference, the Hong Kong method has pushed the American method under the bus.
Oh! who cares? At least I have clean hands!


One thought on “Photos [Bakeries]

  1. Caleb, If you are eating all this food in these pictures, you may gain A poubd or two.I am loving you, praying for you, and thouroughly enjoying the blogs.Mammi

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